Project 25 originated in Virginia in 2007 by guitarist Alexander Applegett as a solo project.  Later that year Project 25 moved to Tampa, Fl where Alex met a skilled drummer, Joey Bourdeau, through percussion class at Gaither High school.  Both Alex and Joey then continued the band as a drums and guitar metal duo into 2011.  Project 25 was now at the point where they were in desperate need of a vocalist, one who could not only sing but also have great showmanship.  After many months of posting up band cards at various metal stores, Project 25 received a message in which contained a serious inquiry about a potential lead singer.  This message was sent by who is now Project 25s lead singer, Erick Olson.  Project 25 then continued as a three man metal band for almost a month.  It wasn't long until Alex posted an ad on craigslist in search for a bass player, who could stray away from the constant quarter note bass line and have a more free form bass solo under the heavy guitar riffs.  Within a week of the ad going up, Project 25 finally had a bass player, Hector Rodz, thus completing this metal quartet known as Project 25.

"The omniscience of Project 25 is really quite doctrinal in its fluidity." -Alex

"A musical experience that thrusts the mind from its corporeal anchor and into an unimaginable realm of sonic bliss which drips endlessly with the supple nectar of freedom" -Joey

"Symphonic anger metal, passionately performed and so on" -Erick

"A supremely solid architecture of complex layers which nevertheless allows for complete freedom in its unfathomable undercurrents" -Hector